Tech House: Half a Decade

My first recording in several years, this mix spans over 5 years in Tech House. Big moments in this one, for me, come from the epic crescendo of See You on the Other Side and the beautiful keys in Kittie in an Empty House. I hope that, somewhere in the middle, you find yourself moved, and by the end, maybe you’re dancing along to the beat in your chair.

  1. Derek Howell – Make a Run For It (Chris Fortier’s Melody Tool)
  2. Blue Haze – Messy Textures
  3. Telepopmusik – Breathe (Jori Hulkkonen Mix)
  4. Asten – About This
  5. Adam Parker – High Life (Sasha Invol2ver Mix)
  6. Digital Witchcraft – Fingerpaint
  7. Ry, Frank Weidermann – Howling (├éme Remix)
  8. Ray Calman – Kashmir
  9. Clubbervision – Autopleasure
  10. His Boy Elroy – See You on the Other Side
  11. Ramadanman – Humber (Sven Weisemann Mix)
  12. Robosonic – The Edge
  13. Derek Howell – Make a Run For It
  14. Scotty A – Anxious
  15. V-Sag – Kittie in an Empty House
  16. Blue Haze – We Feel (Michael Burns Groove)
  17. Natious – Amber (Alandanat Mix)
  18. 16 Bit Lolitas – Snake Inverter
  19. Andy Duguid – Falling feat. Julie Thompson (Dub)
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