Throwback: Progressive Trance

This mix was recorded back in 2003, mostly from vinyl. One of the most fascinating things about music is its ability to take you back in time. It’s amazing how our minds almost catalog certain memories by the music we were listening to at the time. For me, fond memories of my 20’s, epic house parties and my early years as a DJ accompany this up-tempo mix.

  1. Solid Sessions – Janeiro
  2. Junk Project – Composure
  3. Banco de Gaia – Obsidian (The Light vs PFN Mix)
  4. The Roc Project feat. Tina Arena – Never (Filterheadz Dub)
  5. L.S.G. – Shecan (W. J. Henze Mix)
  6. Fred Numf vs Five Point 0 – Globalisation
  7. BT – Mercury & Solace
  8. Faithless – We Come One
  9. Musique vs U2 – New Years Dub (12″ Mix)
  10. Mr Sam vs Fred Baker – Forever Waiting
  11. V-One – Dead Cities
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